March 2017 – You will achieve your goals!

Anthony Burgess was 40 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Doctors gave him one year to live.  He had no savings, and he knew that he would leave behind a wife with nothing to sustain her. Burgess had always dreamed of being a writer, but he had never taken the steps to make it…

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Free Money!

I know that for some people using a credit card is not a good idea.  Especially if you have difficulty with sticking to a budget. But if you already have a budget, use a cash-back credit card and pay it off every month.  The credit card company is basically giving you free money.  You would…

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Our Money Mission Has Started!

Hey Everyone – I wanted to start this Blog by saying I’m excited to have everyone here.  We are going to do some amazing work together figuring out ways to make each of you debt-free and independently wealthy.  You don’t need more income to become wealthy – you just need some creativity.

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