Great Side-Hustle Ideas

John has a business that generates several thousand dollars a month by flipping pallets.

Many industrial companies receive deliveries on wood pallets, but frequently they don’t have a good way to get rid of them. In addition, many other companies need those pallets to ship their goods.

Many years ago, John needed to earn more income and the idea dawned on him that he could take free pallets and sell them.

Since that day, his side-hustle has become a thriving business.

All John’s flips are done on the same day, so he doesn’t even need a place to hold them.

John says “If you see a big pile of pallets out back, that’s an opportunity. Every conversation starts the same way: ‘Hey, what do you do with all those pallets?’ Their answer will tell you whether they’re a buyer or a supplier.”

Not every side-hustle idea needs to be elaborate.

John’s strength was his resourcefulness, his cordial nature, his ability to haul goods in his truck, and an inventive spirit.

What are your strengths?

For those that are interested in earning some additional money on the side, this newsletter is for you. Take some time and think about your skills. During military transition seminars, they call this a “skills assessment,” but you don’t have to be in the military to complete this.

After doing a skills assessment, do some research to find out what types of jobs are available.

Here are a few examples:

1. Loan-signing agent. For those interested in real estate, you can start a side hustle by getting a notary license and learning a few skills. Loan agents help new home buyers complete the stack of paperwork needed to close a loan. Some of these agents get paid $75-100 per hour and they’re able to work close to home on their schedule.

2. Match Skills. For those who want to grow a business, but don’t want to do the actual work themselves, you can start a business by matching skills. For example, if you wanted to start a business helping people with house cleaning, you could find reliable house cleaners in your area and match them with customers.

3. Virtual assistant. If you have skills in the areas of editing, writing, proof-reading, research, and scheduling, you might make a great virtual assistant. You may be very organized, and a CEO might be able to use your secretarial skills to manage his or her schedule. You could work from home and work the hours you are available, so it could be both lucrative and convenient.

You can learn everything you need to know about being a virtual assistant through Clickearners.

This program enables you to work from home at your pace. This can supplement your income to help you reach those financial goals at low risk.

The opportunities for starting a side-hustle and increasing your income are unlimited. Take action now in order to increase your income and start getting to your financial goals faster. If you need some new ideas about earning money on the side, pick up a copy of the book The Side Hustle by Nick Loper.

Additionally, if you want to take your financial certainty and success to the next level, I can help you directly when you join my membership program. We’ll develop an outstanding plan to prepare for your financial future.

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Have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you again soon!

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