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The First 8 Steps to Military Financial Freedom

My 8-step formula that has resulted in thousands of military service members collectively earning millions of dollars

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    Essential Elements

    The 8 essential elements needed in a game plan toward financial freedom.

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    The Right Type of Investing

    We'll show you where you can earn the highest returns either tax-free or tax-deferred.

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    Some Overlooked Financial Benefits From Deployment

    Some of the most underutilized benefits of combat deployments. It isn't only tax-free pay, it can affect your investments, too.

Hi, I'm Patrick Weinert

I'm the leading financial coach for military, veterans, and other young working professionals. I've spent over 20 years helping clients with their personals finances. As a consequence, the military asked me to manage a 26 billion dollar budget and advise the Chief Financial Officer of the United States Marine Corps.  I bring sharp budgeting skills, but also an overall game plan to help you budget, save, invest, and achieve real financial freedom and peace of mind.

In this PDF, I give you the keys to achieving real financial wealth. You won't have any more guesswork about whether you are investing in the right mutual fund or exchange traded fund (ETF). Take these principles, use them and let me know your results. I wish you unlimited success!

Patrick Weinert is one of the premier financial coaches and presenters available for young military today! I've never seen so much passion for helping to educate our service members on their financial benefits. His unique style isn't the same boring power point and tell the financial story in a way that can relate to anyone! You must have him present to you organization of active duty service members and veterans!

Scott R. Tucker, Veteran Liberty Guide

Patrick Weinert brings an engaging and uplifting tone to a topic that is often complex and intimidating, and frankly, makes many of us want to bury our head in the sand. His walk-through and explanation is easy to follow and his tone is empowering. For the first time, I feel like I can be a smart investor!

Dayna W., From Arlington, Virginia

Finally, a succinct way to answering many of the questions people often have about different investment strategies and financially getting ahead in life. The proven techniques and methods are distilled into easily understandable terms and instances. Pat has strategic credibility as the guy who built and defended a 26 billion dollar budget during a period of fiscal austerity.

Perry W., From Omaha, Nebraska