October 2020 – Certainty in an Uncertain World

I was intimidated by the mountains of snow piled on the side of the road, and it was still snowing, too. My Dad helped me out of the car and walked me toward my first customer’s house in Enola, Pennsylvania that cold winter day on January 11, 1987. Even though I felt some fear, I knew I was doing the right thing.

My first job as a paperboy pushed me out of my comfort zone. I had to get up early on the weekends, work in inclement weather, and collect money from customers who were five times bigger and older than me. After a short period, each time I went to collect a payment from a newspaper customer I felt increased certainty and self-confidence. I can do this. I slowly started to realize that holding a job was something I could do. I could earn money, and I could save it too.

Both of my parents gave me a level of support designed to foster certainty in an uncertain world. They were excellent mentors and they provided me a good strategy to achieve some financial success. With the help of my brother, within a couple years I was awarded a trip to Ireland for gaining new paper subscribers.

This was a valuable life lesson. How can we achieve financial goals? A big piece is acting with certainty. We can achieve certainty by finding good friends and role models to help us. Once we’ve found that supportive network, we can develop strategies for hitting those goals. Here are a few ways we can do this.

1. Adopt good role-models. Finding a good role-model can be difficult. However, it’s critically important to success. Where can we find such people? In this era of COVID, most social gatherings have become virtual. Consequently, social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are good starting points. Find groups that share common interests with you. You can also join virtual events through meetup. Once you’re in these events seek to share value with others and build connections. If you help others, they are much more likely to take an interest in helping you. This can attract a good financial mentor for you, and make all the difference in reaching your goals faster.

2. Understand risk. Risk is an increase in outcome possibilities. Understanding what kind of risk you are willing to take is important in crafting a good financial game plan. If you are willing to take more risk, you can invest in stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds in order to help reach your goals. If you are risk averse, you’ll need to adopt a new strategy to increase your income or cut your costs.

3. Increase your income. This includes offering your services as a virtual assistant, providing online tutoring to students, or selling other people’s property on Craigslist for a commission. Sites like Upwork and Thumbtack can help you advertise your services.

4. Be willing to fail and keep trying. Failure is an important ingredient to success. It’s tempting to look at the successful and think they were just lucky. The truth is the successful went through many failures to achieve their success. Successful people don’t try to avoid failure, they try to fail fast so they can learn and adapt quickly.

Once you’ve found a good mentor and financial strategy, keep working and adjusting your plan until you’ve found one that works well. This will help you develop the confidence and certainty with money that will become a self-sustaining success story.

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Have a great week, stay safe, and I’ll talk to you again very soon!

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