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Written Testimonials

Patrick Weinert brings an engaging and uplifting tone to a topic that is often complex and intimidating, and frankly, makes many of us want to bury our head in the sand.  His walk-through and explanation is easy to follow and his tone is empowering. For the first time, I feel like I can be a smart investor!

Dayna W. from Arlington, Virginia

He has a wealth of knowledge and I learn a lot from him through our monthly phone calls. Since working with him, I feel that I am well on my way to achieving my goal of becoming financially independent.

Todd C. from Fukuoka, Japan

Patrick has worked with me for about three years. As a young, working professional I struggled to effectively manage my personal finances. Patrick met me exactly where I was at, both challenging and encouraging me to make wise financial decisions. His holistic approach understands that many elements of life impact our relationship with money, and he offered valuable insights akin to a life coach; helping me to understand how my habits, goals, and life circumstances factor into how I spend money. I would highly recommend Patrick's services to anyone looking to improve their financial position, pursue financial independence, or make wise investment decisions.

Matthew H. from Washington, D.C.