The Power of Affirmations

Today, I want to share the power of affirmations. Webster defines an affirmation as “the action or process of affirming something; encouragement.” For our discussion here, an affirmation is a positive statement about you. When you make such a statement about yourself, it creates positive energy.

The spoken word is very powerful. Ancient Greek and Chinese culture equated the spoken word with the most powerful force in all of humanity. When said positively, a spoken statement can be very uplifting to large groups of people.

When a spoken word is an affirmation, it states a truth that already exists. When you say an affirmation, even if you don’t necessarily sense it physically, it can manifest itself quickly.

Wealth consciousness is a concept David Gikandi emphasizes in A Happy Pocket Full of Money. Many of us fall into the trap of believing that we have no control over our success. If we become wealthy, it will be by sheer luck. Gikandi teaches us the opposite is true. If you believe you are already wealthy before seeing it, the wealth will actually manifest itself in your life.

I’m not saying all you have to do is wish for something and it will appear. If you believe something and you couple this with action, wealth will manifest itself in your life much faster than you think. Just saying something automatically encourages you to take action, without you even being aware of it. The more I say something and believe it, the stronger my belief becomes. If everyday I say, “I’m a wealthy person. I’m a millionaire. I don’t necessarily have the physical money at the moment, but I truly believe I’ll obtain this money soon. My millionaire attitude is something I’ll always have. And that defines who a millionaire really is.” Wealthy people weren’t always wealthy. Sometimes they were broke too, but being broke was a temporary condition. If you say this affirmation repeatedly, and you believe it, the money will actually manifest in your life because you’ll be both consciously and unconsciously taking action to get it.

This weekend write down some affirmations about what you want in life. Write them down, and say them out loud. Get in the routine of saying them out loud everyday, and believing them. Believing you are already a wealthy person is one of the most important elements to becoming wealthy.

Additionally, I can help you develop wealth consciousness faster, when you join my membership program. Each month we’ll look at how to get you to your wealth goals as soon as possible. Accountability helps all of us achieve our greatest dreams. Have a great weekend, stay safe and I’ll talk to you again very soon!

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