Winter: The Best Time for Real Estate Investing

The winter season is an excellent time to go hunting for an investment property.

If you are interested in diversifying your financial investments, and you want to include some real estate, I have some tips for you today.

1.Winter in general is a good time to buy and invest in the real estate market. There are fewer competitors making offers, since many are still recovering from the holidays. Others have families, and don’t want to move in the cold weather. You can also see how the property holds up in inclement weather, giving you some leverage if there are fixes needed.

However, this year there are additional reasons that January is a good time. Interest rates are still very low, but they are expected to rise in the next few months. If you are able to combine a lower purchase price with a lower interest rate, that will help you make the investment property profitable right away.

2. You can also lock in a low rate for an asset-based loan. This could be used to finance the down payment, so you don’t have to pay capital gains taxes when selling investments.

3. Military usually PCS during the summer, so wintertime is a less competitive season to go house hunting. In general, people tend to not like moving during the winter. If you can find a rental property that is already rented, you may be able to count on it being cash flow positive for at least a few months while you devise a strategy for long term success.

4. Finally, you can use your VA ( Veterans Affairs) loan to buy a multi-family real estate property as long as the property is used as your primary residence. This would provide you an opportunity to start building equity from rental income without a down payment. There are other restrictions that define where and when you can use the VA loan, so make sure you research this before buying. 

You can find more details here:  Using the VA Loan to Buy Multi-family Property

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Have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you again soon!

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