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In Atomic Habits, James Clear recalls his story of trauma and journey back to a normal life.

The last day of his sophomore year of high school, he was seriously injured when a fellow baseball player accidentally struck him in the face with a bat. Suffering from brain swelling, he struggled to breathe, swallow, and even speak for weeks. It was only after multiple doctors worked on him and he endured several surgeries that they determined he would be able to survive.

The years that followed were difficult. James had to relearn basic skills such as reading, writing, and driving a car. He yearned to return to baseball, but his injury had prevented him from even making the team.

However, James relentlessly pursued his dream. Regardless of his situation, he believed he could still be a great baseball player. Over the course of his time in college, he continued to build on his small successes. He formed good habits like getting a good night sleep, studying regularly, and keeping his dorm room clean. He continued to play baseball too and built his skills toward becoming a great player. By his senior year, he was selected as the top male athlete of his university.

While James’ story is inspiring, his experience can be a lesson to all of us. James credits much of his success to small wins over long periods of time. He adopted small habits that were easy to sustain. Instead of focusing on goals, he focused on processes.

A focus on processes can be very beneficial for us, too. This is especially true when it comes to money. What is your self-image? Do you see yourself as someone who’s good with money?

Telling yourself you’re good with money when you aren’t isn’t going to solve your problems. However, taking small steps toward good habits can change your beliefs. If you complete enough good actions, you’ll start to believe in your new identity. This applies equally to those who are broke and those who are already wealthy.

Once you have your new identity, it will be much easier for you to achieve your goals. The reason why is because it’s consistent with how you view yourself. Your identity is one of the most important ingredients to your success. Having a positive self-identity will tell you what you will be successful at.

What’s a small habit you can adopt right now that would move you closer to your ideal financial identity?

Have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you again soon!

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